Gladbach-Profi Benes does not think about championship

With 34 points, Borussia Munich is currently on the same footing as top rider RB Leipzig in the Bundesliga. Gladbach-Profi Lazlo Benes, however, remains reticent on the subject of championship.

“I never think about what our situation might be like in May. There’s so much more that can happen. If you lose twice, you’re already sixth or seventh. It makes no sense to think about the championship, said 22-year-old compared to “Goal” and “Spox”.

This season, Benes is one of the regular staff at Gladbach. Under Coach Marco Rose, the middle fielder was in place in 19 mandatory games.

“I personally like this kind of football, the high pressure after the ball loss. If you do it right, you win the ball early and miss a lot of chances,”said Benes about Rose’s philosophy.

Among his predecessor, Dieter Hecking, Benes was usually only second choice. As a result, he switched to Holstein Kiel in the last round on a lease basis. I wanted to do everything I could to recommend myself for the Bundesliga and Gladbach,”said Benes.