Gomez warns the VfB and hopes for “second chance”

After 1975 and 2016, the ambitious yet-football Bundesliga VfB Stuttgart is facing a third fall from the elite class. The fear of the swans before the crash was palpable after the 2:2 against Union Berlin.

With their heads hanging, the badly beaten professionals of VfB Stuttgart snuck out of the arena just before midnight. The loud whistles of the hopelessly disappointed fans were still ringing. I don’t like the whole mood now,”said a thoughtful Mario Gomez, in view of the increasingly brisk situation of the swans in crisis, who, after the lean 2:2 (1:1) against Union Berlin, are even closer to the abyss.

Before Monday’s re-release game (20:30 clock) at the second-tier-third, the ambitious first-timer was able to feel the fear of the crash, the immense pressure. The body language of the players expressed little confidence but Gomez demanded a once again weak performance against brave but poorer Berliners a reaction of defiance.

“If you believe in yourself and know that you can win in Berlin, then you walk out here with your head held high and say: This was not the case here, but in the next game we have a second chance,”stressed the 33-year-old at Eurosport and added in a combative tone:”On Monday we will beat back.”

average words or hope at the VfB? Anastasios Donis (“We have the better team”) and Ron-Robert Zieler (“We are able to win there”) also gave themselves optimistic before the game in the Old Forestry. But for the two performers this sounded after a somewhat gruesome season of the VfB according to the usual perseverance slogans.

In addition to Gomez, Interim Coach Nico Willig most likely sprayed the fighting spirit that the Swabians need at home Berliners (only one defeat this season), to prevent the third descent after 1975 and 2016. However, the 38-year-old does not have much time left to get his team back on track.

Accordingly, Willig’s eyes immediately turned to the front with the clear demand “that we behave differently in Berlin”. This includes “more courage, more aggressiveness. We have to be more agile, otherwise we have no chance,” he said, to add defiantly: “We still have everything in hand.”

Gentner: VfB is “not yet descended”

Everything? The starting position of the clearly favored VfB, who twice gave a guided tour by Christian Gentner (42.) and the alternate Gomez (51) at counter-hits by Suleiman Abdullahi (43.) and Marvin Friedrich ((68.) has not necessarily improved. On “50:50”, Captain Gentner gave the chance. The 2:2 was “not a dream result, but we have not yet descended”.

However, the VfB won out this season also for the first time. And a win or a tie with three or more goals is a duty for Stuttgart in view of the rule of the outside. Union would be enough to fulfill the great federal league dream.

But in euphoria the irons did not lapse. That was a good move, but we have not won anything yet. We remain the Underdog,”said Captain Christopher Trimmel, who on Monday will be jailed like Felix Kroos. Gatekeeper Friedrich hopes for the support of fans: “The Old Forestry will burn.”