“Grazie Seb: A booth, a cup and a round of beer”

On Position 14, Sebastian Vettel entered the finish line at his last Formula One race for Ferrari. But for the four-time World Champion himself, that was only a marginal note this Sunday. Today was nothing special,”says Vettel, looking at the result. What really mattered to him was only seen after the race.

After the mandatory media intervals, Vettel returned to the Ferrari box and gave the team a round of beer. And then Ferrari Vettel donated a special trophy that bears a certain resemblance to the Champions League trophy. Everything associated with a boxing table that reads: “Grazie Seb” -“Thank you, Seb”.

Vettel sings a song in the lap of honour

Even in the lap of honour Vettel had shown his team a booth on the radio, well noted in Italian. In addition, the German had taken an extra sticker to his car. For almost a minute he sang like this in his helmet, as a last greeting to his Ferrari crew.

His race, Vettel in Abu Dhabi says, was not worth the speech. Bad luck with the safety car and the last set of tires, otherwise “like all year round”, which is mostly frustrating for Vettel. With his Ferrari teammate Charles Leclerc it did not go much better: he reached a position before Vettel and became 13.

“I will certainly not remember this race,” says Vettel, “but the gestures of the boys, the mechanics and so on. Today I felt a different energy. I will remember that. But the race was nothing special.”

Vettel realized: That was it with Ferrari

And so Vettel uses the reality that his Ferrari time is now over. He himself says, “Now it’s over. Sad on the one hand, because good-bye is always difficult after so many years, but on the other hand I look forward to the next chapter.”

Then under better circumstances, I hope, according to Vettel. He points to the ongoing Corona crisis:’First of all, I hope that we all have a better season next year, a better year. For obvious reasons, it has been a hard, tiring year.”

“I hope we will be seen laughing, angry and sad next year, and that it will not all disappear behind the mask. This is my greatest wish for the future. And yes, I’m starting a new adventure. I’m looking forward to that. But now I look forward to coming home first.”

Full force ahead into the new”adventure”

He now wants to, after WM-place 13,”recharge the batteries”after this”other, so strange year”, emphasizes Vettel. I’m really looking forward to what comes next. What’s that like, even at my age? Well, of course exciting! It is as if you are a little boy who goes to the toy store for the first time.”

While Vettel’s media manager Britta Rossske comes with you to Aston Martin, his former racing engineer Riccardo Adami stays at Ferrari.” A new chapter also begins for him, together with Carlos [Sainz]. I wish the team and Carlos only the best,”says Vettel.

About Leclerc he says:”I will miss him. He’s been cracking my head here and there. We are at very different points in our careers and in life. He’s a good guy and he can come out big. Now he’s the man of the future. Hopefully he will get a car that is worthy of him.”

Vettel’s plans for 2021

Vettel himself does not name a concrete goal for his first season with Aston Martin in the 2021 year, but points to the final result in the design value 2020, which Racing Point barely beat by McLaren to P4.”The race point Hopefully next year I can help make things better,”he says.

Will he give his Formula One car a name again? Vettel is indecisive: “I haven’t thought about it yet. I’ve got a few months to think about it. Let’s be surprised.”

In any case, he is pleased with the continued support from home, where his fan club is already thinking about redecorating the bus in Aston Martin colors.

Vettel says:”Maybe I’ll send a few liters of color. It is, of course, nice to know that a group of people with me are seeking a new journey. Whether or not the bus is restarted, the support really counts in the heart, I think.”

“Even though we are always far away, the races are everywhere in the world, there is still a part very clearly at home.”