Haas continues to argue with the tyres in Baku

So far Haas was actually subscribed to the Q3 entry in Formula 1-season 2019. But in the qualifying of Baku, both pilots followed. Kevin Magnussen failed in Q2, and teammate Romain Grosjean finished in Q1. He lacked a whole second to move on.

Team leader Gunter Steiner knows why it is so difficult to work on the city course in Azerbaijan: we cannot make the tyres work at low temperatures and on routes like this. I have told everyone in China that this will be a challenging weekend for us. I am not too surprised.”

Haas does not get enough energy into the tires on courses with high speed through long straight lines. This was also evident in the races of Bahrain and China. If at least the performance was still right for one lap, it was missing in Baku as well.

Haas: Small steps, no solution

Nevertheless Steiner believes he can still rise.” We have found some things that we can do better, so I am not discouraged,”he says, but at the same time admits that we have not yet found the cure.

“We have learned something, but it is about how to fix it. We have taken a few small steps in this direction. But we’re still looking for a solution. The fact that the first Free Training on Friday failed did not of course help.

The Haas team leader is therefore reluctant to predict the race.” We couldn’t do all the tests we wanted to do. There is therefore no objective evidence that everything will be all right,”he explains.

For all teams”a little riddle advice”

At the same time Steiner knows that this does not only apply to his team. Because Haas has not been alone with the tire problems in Baku so far: “We are not the only ones who have to contend with them. Of the competitors are some who are usually not there, and others like us are further down.”

For everyone, even in the top field, be it”a little riddles”. That’s why he wants to be ready, should there be a chance: “It’s going to be a lottery, just look at the Formula Two race. It could go both ways, I am fully aware of that. We have no expectations, anything can happen.”

The minimum goal is damage limitation to be able to attack again at the next race weekend in Barcelona.” I’m looking forward to it. When we tested, we were strong, so we go in there with good confidence.”Then upgrades should improve the tyre situation.