Hakkinen sure: McLaren can win 2018

At the Brazilian Grand Prix in Sao Paulo, McLaren struggles with the Honda drive for the very last time before switching to Renault, but he cut off his free training on Friday. Mika Hakkinen believes that it is more for his former employer 2018. Asked by the’Firstpost’if he would bet money on McLaren victories, he says: Yes, I would do that.”

From the Finnish point of view, the strong car development in Woking supports his thesis:”They have advanced the chassis and have gotten better and better. Next year I trust them with great results with another engine supplier.”That Honda, unlike the 1980s and 1990s, did not work out, Hakkinen returns to the late start of the Japanese –one year after the hybrid novel -“And in the past they could test indefinitely.”

But meanwhile, for cost reasons, there are severe restrictions in formula 1: “The engines are only developed in winter on the test benches, but no longer in real life”, so Hakkinen.” If you start on the wrong foot, there is hardly any going back.”

This became clear in Sao Paulo, where Alonso spent large parts of the second session at the box. Once again, the drive train ran out, but Honda quickly got a “minor problem” under control. “Honda It was the oil or gasoline pressure,”says the Spaniard, who had already had to take a break due to a defective suspension in the morning. We have adapted our program and should have shot us. From the car and set-up you can still get something out,”says Alonso.

More satisfied is Vandoorne, who had never been to Interlagos before. The longruns seemed to me extremely positive today,”the Belgian rejoices, but talks about small difficulties with the vote. Alonso, who had to sacrifice the preparation for the time training “to 90 percent” to sample parts for 2018, believes that the top ten would be “difficult” to achieve in a dry qualifying, but at least it could be scarce. Should it rain, the chances would be greater.