Hakkinen surprised with world champion tip

2019 is the first time that Valtteri Bottas has become vice-champion in formula 1. 2020 could now follow the final step, at least his compatriot Mika Hakkinen believes:

I have extremely high expectations for this year and trust him to become world champion”, says the Finnish in the podcast “F1 Nation”.

The justification of the two-time Formula One World Champion: “Valtteri is in a great position at Mercedes. He is a mega-great driver, and I firmly believe that he is now better than ever.”

However, not only does he have to beat all nine other teams for it, but with Lewis Hamilton also one of the toughest teammates imaginable. The Brit has won five of the last six World Cup titles and has also clearly overshadowed Bottas in the three common years.

But Hakkinen, who together with Didier Coton runs Bottas’management destiny, believes that they have worked together for years to ensure that he has all the qualities and tools, to get the title.

“He has worked hard on himself and he is very supportive of us in the management team in identifying his strengths and weaknesses,” emphasizes Hakkinen. This should finally pay off.