Halffinals: France vs. Spain and Poland vs. Qatar

Olympic champion France, World Champion Spain and Poland followed Katar to the semi-finals at the Handball World Championship.

The French won in their quarter-finals in Doha against Slovenia with 32:23 (18:10). In the semi-finals, this leads to a duel between the European Champion of France and the defending champion, as well as to a game of Poland against Qatar. For France, Daniel Narcisse met six times as Luka Zvizej for Slovenia.

In the new edition of the World Cup Final of 2013, Spain again took a stand against Denmark. With his fifth hit in the final second Joan Canellas of THW Kiel ensured the 25:24 (11:11) success against the second World Cup. The best marksman for Spain was Valero Rivera with ten hits. The Danes met Anders Eggert and Mikkel Hansen six times.

Poland had won its quarterfinals in parallel to the 24:26 (14:18) defeat of the German team. The team of German coach Michael Biegler fought against Croatia’s third World Cup in front of only 1500 spectators with 24:22 (12:10). Mariusz Jurkiewicz threw six gates for the upcoming EM host. Domagoj Duvnjak and Marko Kopljar met five to eight Croatians, who are the first opponents of the German team in the round.
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