Hamilton is aware of the threat posed by Vettel

Lewis Hamilton is aware of the threat posed by Ferrari pilot Sebastian Vettel in the Formula One World Championship. But he was confident that his Mercedes team learned the right lessons from the break-in in Singapore.

That’s what the World Champion said in the team arrival of Mercedes at the Suzuka International Racing Course. But can he rule out the recurrence of problems with the Japanese Grand Prix? The 30-year-old Brit replied reluctantly to this question: Never say never.”

Hamilton had recently had to finish the race prematurely in Singapore due to technical problems. He won the championship by winning Vettel. Before the 14th season he has 49-meter more than the 28-year-old Heppenheimer. Hamilton teammate Nico Rosberg is in between. He has 41 points less than Hamilton and only eight points more than Vettel.

“Since Malaysia, where he had also won, he is a threat, for us there has not changed much,” Hamilton stressed with a view to Vettel. “Since Malaysia, where he had won, he has been a threat, for us there has not changed much.” We have an eye on him, of course,”said Rosberg. He also admitted, despite all the confidence, that a “little” uncertainty “of course” was still there after the problems in Singapore, where Rosberg had not gone beyond the rank of four.” But very, very little. We still have the same car with which we dominated for a year and a half.”

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