Hamilton sure: Mick Schumacher to 100% in formula 1

Lewis Hamilton has no doubt that Mick Schumacher, son of Michael Schumacher, will soon be driving in formula 1.

See Mick Schumacher soon in formula 1? The 19-year-old won the title in the Formula-3 European Championship last weekend and thus reached an important milestone.

And even though the German 2019 will not yet ascend to the royal class, Lewis Hamilton is absolutely convinced that that this step will come sooner or later.

At 100 percent there will be a shoemaker again in formula 1,”the Mercedes pilot notes.

“on the one hand because of the name, but also because it shows great performance,”Hamilton emphasises.”On the other hand because of its name, but also because it shows great performance.” He has a lot of talent, like his father, like Keke and Nico.”Of course, this means Papa Michael Schumacher as well as the Rosberg family, all of whom came to lecture in Formula 1.

Also”Schumis”of former rival Fernando Alonso looks”much talent”at Mick Schumacher, but only makes it out from the results, because he had not met the Youngster –unlike Hamilton.

For Schumacher has visited Mercedes several times during a Grand Prix weekend and was able to impress the British: “He does a great job and is a great boy”, Praise him.

Alonso: Name for Mick Schumacher in Formula 1 no burden

The name Schumacher is not a burden, according to the Mercedes pilot, because Papa Michael with seven Formula One titles is the most successful driver. On the contrary, “Even if I have a child and he’s not that good, he can make it to formula 1 because of his name,” Hamilton believes. But Alonso emphasizes: “One should not put more pressure on him than he already has.”

Both agree, however, that the name would be a blessing for the royal class: “It would be good for the sport if the name Schumacher were back in formula 1,” says Alonso, but remains for once left: “We will see, what the future brings. The time should decide.”

Incidentally, there are parallels between Michael and Mick Schumacher: Michael Schumacher was once a master of formula 3, but was two years older than his sprout. A year later, in Spa-Francorchamps, the Kerpener made his formula-1 debut.

In Formula-1 history, each world champion has so far only two father-son bands: Graham and Damon Hill as well as Keke and Nico Rosberg.