Hamilton with sidekick against Nico Rosberg

Although Lewis Hamilton saves open tricks against his former teammate one year after Nico Rosberg’s resignation: Between the lines, the Formula One World Champion continues to divide against his former archrival.

Addressed a comparison between the German and his Mercedes successor Valtteri Bottas, Hamilton praises the new stable companion in the highest tones and notes: He does not try to play games.”Subtext: The other one does.

Hamilton’s further remarks about Bottas show that he has not made peace with Rosberg (yet):”There is enormous respect between us,”he says.”Hamilton’s further remarks about Bottas show that he has not yet made peace with Rosberg. We have the same M.O., and we’re morally similar. We want to win because we’re the fastest on the track. There’s nothing going on behind each other’s backs. Unlike Rosberg had his gloves sewn last year and “forgot” to tell Hamilton.

But the days of teamwork seem to be over, the harmony in the team is perfect according to Hamilton. The fact that he claims in the context that he does not want to “compare” Rosberg and Botta may be dismissed as sectoral diplomacy. How long peace lasts may depend on Bottas’achievements. As long as Hamilton does not become dangerous in the battle for the title, chances are good.

“This is not a child’s game”

However, the British know that Bottas will be more dangerous in the second year of the Silver Arrow.” He didn’t have much time left to shoot up the team and learn the ropes. Nevertheless, he was fast at the beginning of the year,”Hamilton Bottas recapitulates his good start 2017 with three racers, despite a lightning change from Williams to Brackley. With enough preparation time and better lubrication in the team, things could go even better.

Additionally: Bottas has shown that he is not afraid of Hamilton and can run on top even then, if he should be humiliated on the ground –for example with the pole position in Brazil or the success in Abu Dhabi.” The pressure to cross swords with a World Champion is not a child’s game, Hamilton knows. There were riders in Formula 1 who came into such a situation and never recovered mentally.”Nico Rosberg, by the way, was not one of them.