Hedgehog dispute: McLaren blocks new regulation

Since a meeting of the strategy group last Tuesday, the prominent rear fins of the Formula 1-bolts have once again been a pitchfork between the teams.

McLaren has evidently spoken out against a push by the other teams not to ban sailing on the cover of the engine in the 2018 season. Instead, the British want a reduced version and seem to be forcing a compromise. Finally, they cannot be overridden.

Unanimity is needed for the new reversal so that the plans of the FIA to implement the area for larger and more prominent starting numbers can become a reality. But McLaren has attracted the anger of the competitors mainly because many of them have firmly assumed a rear fin and designed designs for the new cars in this way.

We will soon have to present an engine cover. It would be nice if we knew the rules,”rolls Force India’s Director of Operations Otmar Szafnauer with his eyes. I thought we’d all agree.”But McLaren is also publicly against the Finns. Racing leader Eric Boullier claims that he was not trying to stand up to his opponents: “We are not playing games. Everyone develops their own car and when it comes to something that conflicts with our interests, we will not vote for it,”says the Frenchman.

McLaren argues for a better visible rear wing that is deeper and less visible in the new cars and is covered by the raft. There, the traditional team that lacks donors could present a sponsor. Boullier is hiding: “Perhaps we have found a way to make better use of the engine cover. The cars are so complicated that it is for Zak (company boss Brown; Amen. d. Red.) is difficult to get big stickers.”

Force India does not believe that a smaller Finnish would make up for the rear wing. It covers him from certain angles, but not frontally. There the Finnish is not visible at all,”says Szafnauer. For his team, reducing the sail would mean less sponsorship.