Hidden father arrested after robbery

Max Verstappen’s father, former Formula One pilot Jos Verstappen, This is reported by De Limburger and other Dutch media.

The incident occurred in the Dutch coastal town of Roermond at 18:00 clock, the exact circumstances are unclear: Copy, whose face was supposed to have been covered in blood, had been asked to leave the beach bar, but refused.

Afterwards the police arrested and interrogated the 45-year-old. However, he is said to have been released on the same day.

According to the report, Verstappen’s lawyer, Marcel Heuvelmans, That the father of the Red Bull pilot claimed to be a victim and was attacked by a man. That’s why he didn’t realize he was leaving the club. In addition, he was waiting to be picked up.

According to the police, the incident caused a black eye and a wound to his face. It’s not the first time that Jos’s understanding of the law is in conflict with the law. Especially his father Frans Verstappen accused him of being beaten by him last year.

The prosecutor then dismissed the consequences on the condition that Jos Verstappen would not be blamed for the next two years. Therefore, the recent incident may have a follow-up.