How it really came to Brundle’s interview with Vettel

Martin Brundle’s interview with Sebastian Vettel at the Hungarian Grand Prix provided most of the headlines before it was even run.

Because Brundle had slipped out in a live broadcast with Sky that Vettel had asked him for the interview –which inspired the imagination of many Formula One fans and speculation, Vettel could announce his resignation in the interview, triggered.

Eventually, however, everything was completely harmless. The outgoing Ferrari star did use the platform to continue his flirtation with Red Bull and apologize to Dietrich Mateschitz for leaving the team towards Ferrari at the end of 2014. But otherwise Vettel did not reveal anything groundbreaking new in the interview.

Two weeks after it was conducted, Brundle explains in detail for the first time how the interview really came about. He answers a question from “”: “I met him at the corner at the TV-Compound [in Spielberg], and he was just on his way somewhere. With masks and distance, of course. And he said, “Let’s do an interview, let’s do an interview.” What do you want to talk about?’And he replied:’You can think about it!’, Brundle says. The fact that he later spoke about the chance encounter with Vettel live on the air was not planned and considered afterwards a mistake. Because Brundle’s unthinkable statement suddenly made the rounds on the Internet.

Vettel tells a different version than Brundle

Vettel’s presentation is different from Brundle’s. He told, “Actually, an interview was planned with Sky in Austria. We had to move this to Hungary in favour of the ORF. That’s what the conversation with Brundle was all about. This has been somewhat exaggerated.”

At least on the last point Vettel and Brundle agree:”All of this was done to:’Sebastian Vettel will resign because he asked Brundle for an interview.’Gerissen. And all because of my own stupidity, because I was live on air and I didn’t have that on my screen. That’s all there was. As is so often the case with these stories.”

Afterwards, the expert had the opportunity to deal with the Vettel interview:”I think it was 19 minutes,”he says.”I think it was 19 minutes.” I take it he wants to move on. As long as he finds a cockpit to win with. I don’t think he wants to drive in the middle field just to stay in formula one in some way.”

Fat: The adult among the boys?

“I asked him, for example, what it’s like not being able to control his own destiny anymore. He always had everything under control in his career, and now suddenly he doesn’t. His answer surprised me, because he thought he found it exciting,”says Brundle.”I don’t know. I think he’s a very down-to-earth and pragmatic guy.”

“We don’t know much about him because he doesn’t do social media stuff. The more I enjoyed my interviews with him. I think I once described him as an adult in a posting. That’s how I see him sometimes, as the grown-up with all the boys. He is now at the point where he has to find out for himself what still motivates him and what does not.”

What this is and where Vettel will eventually go, Brundle does not know either. There are two possibilities in the rumor kitchens: Racing Point or a return to the Red Bull family. I think, says Brundle, “that he has the option Racing Point, Aston Martin, Mercedes-B-Team… I think he’s taking this seriously.”

Martin Brundle is a former Formula One driver. In 158 Grand Prix for teams such as Williams, Benetton and McLaren, he was on the podium nine times.