HSV phenomenon: Few money throws many gates

The insolvency threatens, the trainer goes, the players are reelected, but the sporting success is back. With the seventh victory in the series, the HSV handballers have prepared themselves in the table up to fourth place.

When Captain Pascal Hens, via a hall microphone, almost begging for the cohesion between the players and the audience, hardly one of the 10.206 spectators in the arena at the Volkspark held his seat. What we are experiencing here is unique. Make sure that you bring people so that we can continue to celebrate handball festivities here,”the former national player, for twelve years at HSV under contract, It is paradoxical that since the recent financial misery and the now-called insolvency, the former Champions League winner has been playing in a real handball racket from week to week. This time it was Europacup Candidate Fresh Open, who was sent home with a 24:36 defeat.

After seven wins in a series, the Hanseatic eats have advanced to the fourth table place. 29 Points from 20 games are a solid cushion to avoid at least a sporting descent. This scenario should already be averted, even with the imminent deduction of up to twelve meters.

The shoe does not press sports

But the North Germans are far from over the mountain financially. Early in mid-January, interim insolvency administrator Gideon Bohm wants to speak again in public. A week before Christmas, the lawyer had been optimistic: “We have the chance to present a sustainable renovation concept.”

But regardless of the current high-altitude sports flight, the personal dissolution phenomena begin. Already at the turn of the year, former national players Adrian Pfahl, who goes to Gothenburg, as well as goalkeeper Jens Vortmann, who wears the jersey of SC DHfK Leipzig after the EM break in January, have resigned. Performers such as the Danish Hans Lindberg and the Croatian Ilija Brozovic should also be difficult to hold.

A new start is enough

And even the return of coach Michael Biegler, who during the EM takes care of the Polish national team, will at best be of short duration. The 54-year-old coach uses his exit clause and leaves the Hanseatic fortress in the summer, regardless of the further development on the Elbe: “I witnessed a new start at the HSV, I don’t have to do a second one either.”

Preparation for the round leads in the absence of Biegler’s former national player Adrian Wagner, the next games will take place at the SG Flensburg Handewitt on February 10th and ten days later against TVB Stuttgart. If the Pleiteverein can then send at least seven players to the floor…

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