HSV with Promi Trio back to the future

HSV Hamburg has returned to the Bundesliga after five years. With Johannes Bitter, Torsten Jansen and Martin Schwalb, Hanseatic eaters want to establish themselves permanently in first class.

Two former world champions in the goal and on the training bench and the former success coach as a new old sports director again in responsibility: With Johannes Bitter, Torsten Jansen and Martin Schwalb at the top are said to be the return of the HSV Handball to the Bundesliga more than just a short sports intermezzo.

Bitter and Schwalb return to the Hanseatic city for the new season, Coach Jansen was enthusiastically celebrated after the decisive 32:28-victory of the North Germans against the ASV Hamm-Westfalen. I am, of course, proud of what we have done. But for me, all this is also a bit surreal,”said the 44-year-old almost paralyzed.

Because like Bitter and Schwalb, Jansen was also a passenger on a sporty but also financially fast HSV roller coaster ride in the last decade. 2011 German Champion, 2013 Champions League winner, 2016 the insolvency and a rematch in the 3rd League North. Two years later the first ascent in league two.

Particularly much is promised at the Elbe of the Bitter Comeback in the goal. The 38-year-old now stood between the posts for five years at TVB Stuttgart and has a new contract up to 2026 (!) signed. I am still a player for a hundred percent, but I can certainly help out here and there through my experience in handball,”said the Keeper.

Clubboss Marc Evermann.”This hope is also shared by club boss Marc Evermann.” Jogi is supposed to help develop the economic sector and build up the networks,”he formulated the wishes of his new end-man outside the gate.

Rather more in the background will also work sports boss and vice president Martin Schwalb, The former national player finishes his training gig with the Rhine-Neckar Lions on Sunday. The 58-year-old, however, holds a back door to return to the training bench, as he said to Mannheim in the morning: “I do not know what will happen in two or three years. Maybe something will come along that I can very well imagine.”

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