Hungry Hamilton satisfied with Brazil start-up

The Mercedes team has crystallized in the Open Training for the Brazilian Grand Prix on Friday as a clear favorite at the race in Sao Paulo. Not only did Lewis Hamilton set the best times in both sessions and look good on the long runs. Also Valtteri Bottas was faster than the rest of the field and ended up in the overall result of both training sessions just behind the British.

Hamilton, who seemed to own reserves and did not always seek the limit, is satisfied with his start to the weekend: we skipped what we had to skip”, he thinks about the Silver Arrow program, but warns against Ferrari and Red Bull, although the pursuers were picked up on the short track in Interlagos over half a second behind. We are in a good starting position, but it could get tight,”Hamilton believes.

Eng it was also on Friday when he wanted to ride a delicate overtaking maneuver against Renault competitor Nico Hullkenberg on the outside of the final curve leading to the curved start and finish straight. When the two cars were next to each other and Hamilton was forced to drive across the meadow, there was almost a collision. Apparently, the Mercedes star was in the belief that the German wanted to let him pass and attacked too carelessly.

“The tires don’t last long”

The scene was a sign that the champion is still hungry after the crown’s introduction.” Hamilton is sure to prove once again after his title that he is not asleep,”says Sky expert Marc Surer, and suspects that the disappointing cut-off would have wormed him two weeks ago:”He wanted to win in Mexico, he did not succeed, he will be highly motivated.”

Mercedes tested parts for 2018 on Friday, what the team had put back before the decision in the title fight in favor of the set-up work.” It was about aerodynamics tests,”Bottas confirms, and is not satisfied with the vote of his W08:”We had problems getting them for every curve of the line. But all the changes we’ve made have had the desired effect, which is why it’s been a positive day.” Getting round to Supersoft flawless.

Hamilton argues not only with the softest mix delivered to Brazil: “The tires do not last long. That’s why you can only go one or two quick laps in the trials with a little bit of fuel.”He also got the heat in Sao Paulo to feel:”Physically it’s more demanding, but I like it.”He was physically in the shape of his life, says Hamilton.