Irre BVB-clause with third-party Managing Directors

Managing Director Markus Kompp is not uncontested with third-party Waldhof Mannheim due to his leadership style. But the 37-year-old apparently wants to go high and has an exit clause for a change to Borussia Dortmund in his contract.

fans of Waldhof Mannheim have protested several times in the past against their own club boss. Markus Kompp, who already served as CEO of Hansa Rostock between 2015 and 2016, among other things, with a choreography ban, provided criticism of the followers.

Early November 2019, they hung several “Kompp raus” posters in the city, including at the Mannheim Castle. There were also songs and dictionaries against Comp in the stands before the Corona crisis. At Waldhof employees and players, the club leader should not necessarily be in the forefront either.

Kompp himself may, however, one day see himself in quite different spheres than the former federal league leader, who has been wallowing in the decline of football for years. An indication of the great ambitions: the BVB clause in Compact Contract.

BVB clause: “Option to terminate the Contract”

This to 30. June 2022 working paper, quoted from the “Sport Bild”, contains the following passage: “The Managing Director receives the option to terminate the Managing Director’s contract with a notice period of seven calendar days, “Borussia Dortmund’s offer should be submitted to the Managing Director.”

Kompp himself kept himself covered by the leaf clause. Borussia Dortmund is one of the best clubs in Germany and I have great respect for what Mr Watzke &Co. has achieved in recent years with this club. As to the content of contracts, we do not issue confirmations or dementias, but do not comment on them in general.”

Kompp has apparently also provided in his Mannheim contract for the event that the table ninth of the last season suddenly celebrates unexpected sporting successes. For a Bundesliga ascent with Waldhof, he is said to have negotiated a premium of 100.000 euros gross, for which he received a bonus of 20.000 euros.