Is Schalke’s bad replacement coming from RB Leipzig?

For a few weeks now, FC Schalke has been planning to explore the Transfermamarkt to find a successor for the Alexander Nauel who is changing to FC Bavaria next season. According to Swiss media, the circle of candidates has now grown by one more Keeper.

Yvon Mvogo of RB Leipzig is one of the gatekeepers, according to Swiss “View”, who are eligible for FC Schalke as a replacement for Alexander Naul. The tabloid reports that even “loose contacts” already exist between the parties.

The path to a fixed transfer is however still far- and stony. Mvogo (contract to 2021) is only the clear number two for the Red Bulls and was only in place in five mandatory games during the current season, Yet the Leipzig people want to extend the contract with the born Cameroon.

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Kurios: Although RB continues to hope for new Mvogos signature, the Bundesliga has given the 25-year-old gatekeeper the green light for negotiations with other clubs.” We have received the release of RB”, confirmed Mvogo’s adviser Carlos Crespo to the”view”.

“I would like to extend RB with Yvon and then borrow it. But in the current situation, we can’t find a club like this. So a loan with a purchase option or a purchase is also possible,”Crespo commented on further details of the Leipzig plan. It is clear, according to the adviser, “RB still wants to keep it [Mvogo]. There, one sees him as the successor of Gulasci without any threat.”

Mvogo himself wants to play –preferably in one of the top European leagues. For example, Crespo said that returning to Switzerland was “not the first option”. A commitment to Schalke would rather meet the 25-year-old’s requirement profile. However, it is not clear whether the royal flowers will enter into a deal, at the end of which Mvogo may end up back in Leipzig.