Is there going to be a budget increase in formula 1?

It will be serious in poker about the introduction of a budget ceiling from Formula One season 2021: RaceFans”wants to have heard from a team leader not mentioned by name that Liberty Media and the FIA would agree.

You would make Tablula rasa and want to push radical ideas against the will of financially strong teams, In order to remove their hold-back tactics, it is said.

At the recent meeting of the strategy group, a draft was presented in a certain tone, which provides that it remains with a three-year step model, In order to reduce staff slowly.

2021, the budget cap should therefore be 180 to 200 million US dollars and 2023 reduced to up to 135 million dollars –the final cost limit for the future.

personnel change at Ferrari favours current development

That 15 million dollars for the purchase of engines except for the amazingly low amounts, is considered safe. Whether similar exceptions are agreed for pilot salaries, marketing and hospitalities remains to be seen. Some teams will probably insist.

The new hardship at Liberty could be related to the change of personnel at Ferrari: New team leader Mattia Binotto had “almost apologized” on his first visit to Geneva and had distanced himself from the resignation threats of the old leadership wars, RaceFans reports.

Additionally, after the increasingly annoying teams McLaren and Williams are to be sidelined with the rightholder, the front of those who do not want to limit costs crumbles. A situation that Chase Carey and Co. could exploit.

“auto motor and sport” speaks of “absurd” proposals as “conscious delaying policy”, which would have stopped decision making in the past.

The decision on budget levels in formula 1 should soon fall

But if the top teams no longer pull together, the strategy cannot continue to be implemented, especially since Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull should have accepted, that they cannot hold on to their non-performance bonuses. Liberty then presses the tube: As you can hear, a decision should be made by June 30th.

According to “RaceFans” it also considers formula 1 to oblige the teams, all non-listed parts (i.e. components that according to the rules do not have to be produced themselves) and standard parts (i.e. components, The measure would help new entrants, but would jeopardise existing cooperation, to have to deliver the same specifications to customers, if necessary to all competitors.

The measure would help new entrants. After all, Haas would no longer benefit from buying exclusively from Ferrari if any other team could.