Jean Todt: EU decision helps the FIA

Formula 1 still awaits the decision of the EU Competition Commission whether the decision structure and the distribution of revenues are fair. Besides Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone, FIA boss Jean Todt would have no problem with intervention. I see it as very casual, because it can only be good for us,”says the Frenchman.”It’s not good for us. The association currently does not have enough power and influence to have the final say on the rules.”

A reference to the fact that the top teams through the strategy group can speak an important word in the drafting of the regulation and their interests as participants make decision-making particularly difficult. Yet he defends against the accusation of having entered into a cow trade and given up influence for additional financial revenues for the FIA.

“There was so much nonsense said,” he gets angry. “There was so much nonsense.” We have more influence than when I was elected. And we have higher incomes. That’s what I told my people, because they should explain better on the FIA website what the thing is.”

Todt thinks it’s important that the FIA makes the decisions with regard to the rules, but wants to know nothing about sole responsibility.” In the end, the association has to decide, but it needs the strong support of the promoter, because he is responsible for selling the show,”explains the former Ferrari team leader.”The former Ferrari team leader Anything else would be unfair. We cannot dictate the rules and then tell Ecclestone to sell the show.”

After clarifying the regulatory discussions for 2017, he considers the renegotiations of the Concorde agreement on the season 2020 to be the biggest challenge for the future. At present, the large established teams receive significantly more money than the private teams. The EU decision could lead to a renegotiation even before 2020.