Keeps a white vest in the EHF Cup

The handballers of the THW Kiel marched through the preliminary round of the EHF Cup without any loss.

The 35:26 (15:14) at the Polish representative KS Azoty-Pulawy was the sixth victory of the German record champion in the sixth group game. The best pitchers of the match were seven hits by Kieler Hendrik Pekeler and Lukasz Rogulski for Pulawy.

Even before the game, the North Germans had been the winner and the hosts were the last of the forerunners D. Nevertheless, a balanced match developed in which the team of THW trainer Alfred Gislason dominated, but was not able to stop significantly before the break.

It was only at the beginning of the second half that the THW became stronger. Magnus Landin, with his hit on the 24:19 (41), provided for the first five-goal tour and for the preliminary decision.

International, the Kielers now have a break until the semi-finals on the 17th of May. As group leaders and finalists of the final tournament, they skip the quarter finals, which will be resolved with the participation of defending Fox Berlin and TSV Hannover-Burgdorf on Tuesday in Vienna.

KS Azoty-Pulawy/Poland – THW Kiel 26:35 (14:15)

Gates: Rogulski (7), Panic (4), Maslowski (3), Podsiadlo (2), Titow (2), Prce (2), Guminski (2), Lyzwa (1), Matulic (1), Seroka (1), Jarosiewicz (1) for Pulawy – Pekeler (7), Reinkind (6), Ekberg (5), Bilyk (5), Rahmel (4), Landin Jacobsen (4), Wiencek (2), Zarabec (2) for Kiel

Viewer: 2500

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