Kehl expects “the strangest derby in history”

License Player Sebastian Kehl of Borussia Dortmund expects the “weirdest derby in history” on Saturday for the Bundesliga rematch against FC Schalke 04.

In his 180’s. For the first time, the archrivals’duel will be performed without spectators. “Without the noise level and emotions, it will not be the same. We will all miss the usual atmosphere,”Kehl told the portal”The Athletic.” But still we have the chance to achieve something that means a lot to our fans.”

Regarding the rest of the season, the long-time BVB captain added:”The point in the coming weeks is who best deals with this unusual situation and develops the best collective spirit in the place without the fans in the back.”

The attitude will”make the difference”, says Kehl.”Football being the better team, This will not be enough.”

Uncertainty does not exist in the team despite the not completely eliminated risk of infection by the Coronavirus.” I have the impression that the players feel safe and trust our employees and the concept.”Doubts about the continuation of the season have not been expressed by any professional, including Thorgan Hazard and Manuel Akanji, who recently became fathers, Kehl explained.

The former professional also spoke about the special needs of today’s young professionals in times of social media, large ransom payments and rising salaries. “They already need a certain kind of speech, but also live much more professionally. They invest significantly more time in nutrition and a healthy lifestyle than we did before.”

Great hype for Jadon Sancho”not easy”

The youngsters at the BVB”are very interested in their own performance and fitness data”, explained Kehl.”The youngsters at the BVB For example, we also track her sleep to figure out the last few percent. But we do not collect the data against the will of the players, but to make them more stable in their performance.”

Kehl cited as an example the development of vertical starter Jadon Sancho:”A fantastic player, incredible skills at the ball, even in very young years, a great hype. It is not easy to deal with it.”

The BVB wants to be”a good companion for the talents on their journey”, says Kehl.”The BVB They may also make mistakes, but they should not be repeated too often. This is a learning process.”

In the post-Corona period, the 40-year-old sees the Bundesliga and all those involved in the bringschuld.”Football must regain its credibility. We should not promise change if we cannot be sure that we can keep that promise. But in the current crisis it becomes very clear that football cannot exist in society without fans and support.”