Khedira defends beautifully: “Error detected quickly”

Midfielder Rani Khedira respects Heiko Gorlich’s decision to renounce his trainer bonus for FC Augsburg after his quarantine.

“Of course we would have imagined the re-start differently, but the trainer quickly recognized the mistake and made this decision on his own”, Khedira said “Augsburg General”. The team hotel had left for shopping and is not sitting on the bench on Saturday against the VfL Wolfsburg.

For him, the long-time co-coach Tobias Zellner takes over. Nevertheless, Khedira sees his team well prepared by gloriously well prepared.” He gave us his ideas last week, so we have to put this into practice on the ground now,”said the 26-year-old. But I am good things, because we have already done it relatively well in an internal training game.”

Moreover, Gorlich has a good sense of what works and what doesn’t.” You can see how he treats us players and can get into situations and not just follow the theory.”

Rummenigge takes sides for Magnificent

The former Bavarian and Dortmund professional Michael Rummenigge clearly took sides for Magnificent in a comment at the”Editorial Network Germany.” That he is not sitting on the bench now, I personally think it is completely exaggerated, even stupid,”the 56-year-old wrote in the post.”I think it’s completely exaggerated. Other people are allowed to go shopping, so why not the footballers? Also that they were incarcerated as criminals, I think it’s crazy.”

“I appreciate him, I’ve always met him as an honest guy, and that’s how he’s been acting now,”Rummenigge said. The former pro and national player praised the fact that he himself had told Fauxpas: “I would have rewarded him for that honesty alone and left him sitting on the bench on Saturday at his first game as Augsburg coach, of course only if his test had been negative.”