Kiel-Star vineyard must pause for two months

Handball Bundesliga THW Kiel must renounce at least two months of national player Steffen Weinhold.

The 33-year-old left-hand hand hand has suffered an irritation in the Champions League game at Telekom Veszprem (37:31) and must pause for the time being, the North Germans reported. This means that the DHB selection is also missing in the country games against Croatia on the 23rd and 26th of October. He may even be in danger of attending the European Championship in January 2020.

Patrick Wiencek and Lukas Nilsson also wore brass bands. Wiencek gained a bruise of the big toe in the right foot, but will probably be able to play against Meshkov Brest on Wednesday. Nilsson will be missing. The Swedish backroom player is working on a painful injury to the right shoulder and is falling out for the time being, the communication said.

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