Kimi Race queens to square 19: This is the reality

Kimi Reiikkunen has announced that he will also go beyond 2020 Formula One if he should have fun –and the further ahead Alfa Romeo is, the more fun he will have.

If you go after qualifying in Spielberg

If you go after qualifying, it should be the last season of the Reiikkunen, because the starting place 19 is probably less fun for the Iceman”. Only newcomer Nicholas Latifi was still behind him.

“We are far from where we want to be. But that’s the reality,”says the bailiff after the debacle. After the training, we realized it wasn’t going to be an easy day. But here we are. We have to make the car faster. We are not as good as last year.”

The placement of teammate Antonio Giovinazzi shows that this should not be a slip-out. The Italian was only slightly better than the Routinian and only pushed the Alfa Romeo into place 18- behind Williams pilot George Russell.

Nevertheless he gives himself a little more confidence that there is something more in it for the team. He even talks about Q3 when you get the sectors together in one round.” Unfortunately, I was too close to the limit in the last round, so I made a mistake in curve 4. But we have given everything,”he says.

Even from the top ten Giovinazzi has not yet said goodbye:”I think we will be stronger in the race. We need a good start and a good strategy, then I hope for points.”