Kubica also starts from boxing lanes

After his accident in the Formula One qualification of Baku, Robert Kubica will start from the boxing alley at the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan. Actually, the Williams pilot was supposed to be on runway 19. Because of the decision to make changes to the FW42, he will now enter the race from the boxing alley.

Williams has made this decision to make further voting changes before the race,”the team says in a statement. The last time Kubica complained repeatedly about lack of confidence in the car. In order to compensate for the car’s shortcomings, it lacks the necessary margin.

That is why the accident was mentioned in the qualifying. At the beginning of turn eight Kubica had gone too far to the left at the lock and then straight into the opposite line boundary. Williams then had to make extensive repairs to his Williams.

“Anything can happen”

Kubica will start in front of Red Bull pilot Pierre Gasly. He had received a penalty on Friday for not having come to the cradle. The next day he was disqualified from qualifying after an excess flow of petrol from his RB15 had been measured.

Gaslys’times were cancelled. The rules stipulate that he must line up behind every driver who has been in line for a while during qualifying. That’s why he’ll be behind Kubica in the boxing alley. Its goal for the race is clear: to stay out of trouble and get to the finish.

“Anything can and will happen,” says the Williams pilot. “Everything can and will happen.” It’s one of those grand prix where you have to make sure you see the goat flag. Of course, if there are safety cars and accidents, you have to stick to it. It takes a bit of luck. What can happen, unfortunately, we have seen in the qualifying.”