Kubica does not regret formula 1-comeback

Robert Kubica’s comeback in formula 1 was only short-lived. After 21-race in the lower Williams and a lean WM point, the Pole takes the exit “possibly to DTM.

His return to the royal class he does not regret: No one has put the gun on my chest in the decision.”

He had been aware from the beginning that it would not be easy. “It will not be easy.” Of course, we were faced with some problems, especially at the beginning of the year, which were very unhappy, and I think we have been paying a bill for a very long time, longer than people think,”indicates the 35-year-old faults in development.

During the season Kubica did not spare criticism at the FW42, at whose direction he had often been only a passenger.” And yet my goal was to return to the highest category of motor sports in which I could drive. From a human, personal point of view, this was a great achievement,”he sums up with satisfaction.

“Of course this season as a racer was very hard, but first of all I made the decision out of passion. Certainly, the result is not as everyone hoped, not just me, but everyone on the team. But that’s life, that’s motor sports, that’s formula 1. That’s what makes it so exciting and so difficult.”

For the future, Kubica wants Williams to find his way back into the track of success, especially to reward the employees with good results.” Although we had a tough season, not only the drivers, but all those who are on the track, it was still good to see how the team stayed motivated and worked hard,”the Pole praises his crew.

“You will experience better times and can rise. That’s what I want especially for the guys who’ve been working with me all season. They have not given up even in difficult situations. And it’s very easy to lose motivation, but they don’t and they really deserve a simpler life.”

And that means a faster car, Kubica knows.” Because when you have a faster car, it’s easier for everyone.”He’s not going to see it with Williams anymore. As a successor, Nicholas Latifi, who rises from formula 2, was hired. George Russell remains faithful to Williams after a difficult rookie year as a driver.