Kubica talks about physical limitations in everyday life

The story of Robert Kubica is probably one of the most impressive sports comedies of all time. After his big rally accident in the year of 2011, hardly anyone believed that he would ever race again, But 2019 has actually worked with the comeback.

Despite all skeptics, he has now even mastered the Monaco Grand Prix with the narrow Loews hairpin curve and proved that he is able to move a Formula One car professionally. However, he is by far the slowest car in the field. The dream of the Comeback podium is therefore far away.

But for Kubica it is already a victory to be able to drive again in formula 1, as one of only twenty people worldwide. Although he had to learn a lot of everyday things from the ground up again: one can imagine it a bit like with children learning to walk and developing,”he says in an interview with””.

“The great struggle of my rehabilitation was not only the physical injuries, but it was above all also a mental issue,”he explains.”I’m sorry. At some point, I realized that I could still do most things in a different way. But with the same result. Then you sit there and you think, “Wow!” p>

Kubica laughs about problems cleaning his ass

His way back was paved with setbacks. 2012 had initially hoped to return to formula 1-cockpit. That was unrealistic from the start. Moreover, in January 2012, he also slipped on an ice sheet and broke his right leg again, which the doctors had laboriously stitched together after the Rallye accident.

“I kept having moments where I tried things, but I just couldn’t. That really pissed me off,”he remembers. Today he has learned to accept himself as he is: “The physical limitations are stable. But the functionality with the existing conditions is getting better and better.”

What many forget: The 34-year-old has trained hard and determined to be able to race again. But his physical limitations are not only in Formula One car, but also in everyday life a topic: “I live again today quite normal, but I do some things differently than before. Some things don’t work out at all anymore.”

“But I have to accept that,”he says,”and proves with a real laugh that he has now arranged well with his fate: “I don’t dare to say what I realized first of all, that I am limited to”cleaning my ass!”

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