Lance Stroll expects critics

Lance Stroll did not have it easy in formula 1 from the beginning. When the 19-year-old in the year 2017 drove for Williams his first season in the royal class, some critics attributed this only to his father’s thick wallet. These voices were even louder after Lawrence Stroll 2018 bought the Force India team Lance has been driving since 2019.

It is often overlooked that the 21-year-old now brings a certain speed and has already been on the podium twice in his career. Just in his debut season 2017 in Baku and this year another time in Monza. Nevertheless, due to his family background, the Canadian is constantly criticised.

That is simply the case. I realized that a long time ago,”Stroll in the podcast”In The Pink”shoots his shoulders and says,”I realized very quickly that people shut me down every time and destroy me in the media, If I had a bad result or made a mistake.”This had already become clear to him in his first Formula One year.

“You have to take it with a laugh…”

“I recognized the pattern very early,”he tells and tells:”If I hit myself well, then suddenly it became quiet. Then all the noise and the hare were gone. But when I was bad, it all started again.”Stroll explains,”You have to take it with a laugh. Because if you don’t, you’d rather cry.”

“Everyone has their opinion. I let my accomplishments speak on the track and try to stay in my own bubble and hide the negativity and the sounds from the outside,”he says, explaining that most critics are simply”frustrated”and”envious.” They try to drag you down with them,”explains Stroll.

“This is the world we live in. That is why there will always be these noises from the outside and this negativity. I’m just trying to stay positive and listen to the people close to me. This finally counts,”says the Canadian, who was able to win several titles in the junior series before Formula 1.

“I think I have proven myself”

“I had to win these championships. That is why there are the super license points,”he recalls. For example, he became 2016’s top Formula Three European champion, among others, in front of George Russell, who was only third in the championship at the time. Already two years earlier he had won the title in the Italian formula 4.

In addition, Stroll was already part of the new Ferrari program in his early years. It was a child’s dream to drive the Ferrari logo. Apart from that, it didn’t matter much to him then, and only at the age of 16 or 17 years did he see it as a “real possibility” to one day ascend to formula 1.

“I think I proved myself on my way to formula 1 –and to some extent also in formula 1”, Stroll says and adds: “I know I had bad years and problems in formula 1. But at the same time there were highlights in my eyes during my Formula One career.”