Liberty Media renounces experiments in Austin

Does the formula 1 use the remaining three race weekends as a playground for new racing formats and experiments, should the title fight already be decided in Austin in favor of Lewis Hamilton?

This idea of the Super Weekends, originally from Lewis Hamilton, was shared by Liberty Media, As Chief Technology Officer Ross Brawn admits, he is not to be implemented now.

“It was last discussed, but the season is not quite decided yet, because Haas is still fighting Renault, and even further back there are still fights,” the British argues to “” We can’t go around the races now and suddenly say that, like this weekend, the starting line will be turned, or do this and that. This is too important for that.”

An understandable decision, not only from the point of view of the teams fighting for several million euros from the cake of TV revenue, but also for the viewers, who spend expensive money on a ticket and probably have little desire for such experiments.

“Must find other ways”

But what other ways are there to try out ideas like races with two mandatory pit stops? Formula E just used the test rides in Valencia with the new Boliden for a test race. Wouldn’t that also be a possibility for formula 1, especially since in the history of formula 1 there were always races that didn’t belong to the World Championship?

“A race that doesn’t belong to the World Championship would be an idea, but we’ve figured it out and the costs and everything else are really enormous”, says the former team leader. One possibility would be a computer simulation: How many conclusions does it allow to reality, but it is hard to say.

Tension only finds through a more balanced field?

Haas team leader Gunter Steiner, that the whole debate is superfluous.” What good is a reversed starting position? It wouldn’t change anything at all, because how often did a Mercedes or Ferrari have to start from the rear and was in top 4 after only four laps?, the South Tyrolean gets angry.

“It only gets more exciting when the field is balanced. And for that you need a budget cover, and not a lottery or a mixed starting lineup. Even if they start from the back, they’re in the front. But if we slowed down the Mercedes by 1.5 seconds, it would suddenly be very exciting.”