Lions continue black series in the CL Eighth Final

The German Handball Champion Rhein-Neckar Lion has been eliminated for the fifth consecutive time in the Eighth Series of the Champions League.

The team of trainer Nikolaj Jacobsen lost against the last year’s HBC Nantes with 27:30 (14:14), the example last week had been won by the Mannheimers with 34:32. The lion’s best pitchers were Jannik Kohlbacher, Andy Schmid and Vladan Lipovina with five hits each.

“Today we played passionately and with a lot of heart. Somehow it fits this year that the odds don’t tilt to our side. It is a tough moment,”said Spielmacher Schmid at”Sky”.

Patrick Groetzki added:”We had everything in hand ourselves. In the first half we play really well, in the end we decide small things.”

The lions showed themselves very efficient at the beginning and even avoided a 7:3 leadership. After that, the hosts increased the pace and presented the Germans with their quick counter-attacks again and again with problems, at 9:9 they came to the compensation.

The lions were now more careless with their chances, With 14:14 it went into pause.

By Thursday the Mannheimer in the league had lost surprisingly 23:28 at the VfL Gummersbach, but in Nantes the attitude criticized by Jacobsen after that was correct.

In the second half the lions had fallen behind, at 20:24 the difference was for the first time four goals. However, the guests kept the game open until the end, but in the end it was not enough for the quarterfinals.
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