Lucien Favre takes the floor in the BVB crisis

Even Michael Zorc couldn’t cut off a big smile. Comprehensive information now, no?” Yeah. then he and coach Lucien Favre left the more or less frustrated journalists in the interview room at the training ground of the top German rider in Dortmund-Brackel.

As always at press conferences with the silent Even before the home game on Saturday against the sixteenth VfB Stuttgart, Switzerland had heard almost nothing worth reporting from Favre.

There was no shortage of persistent attempts to lure something interesting to the public from the 61-year-old.

First Favre responded to the pleasing Question about the personnel situation: “Hard to say at the moment. Because two or three players are cold.”Now the logical curiosity of the listeners arose. Which players might fail?

Favre: “I don’t want to give so much information. They stayed at home. And yes, right?” he asked with a view to the representative of the BVB Press Department sitting next to him. Other inquiries are pointless.

Favre can sometimes be a complicated or ungrateful conversation partner. On the one hand there is the language barrier -German is not the mother tongue of the coach born in the French-speaking Saint-Barthelemy in the canton of Vaud. On the other hand, because he simply does not want to disclose anything.

BVB in the result crisis

He always seems like a mild smiling grandfather, is friendly and suggests that he might enjoy media times. It’s a scam. Favre is best placed on the spot and works with his players.

Insider also reports that he suspects journalistic ambushes behind rather urgent questions. It is no wonder that Favre is even more vocal in times of crisis. And since his team has only won one of the last eight obligatory games, the challenge of obtaining information is particularly great at the moment.

Something better is usually done when asked about the quality of the opponent. But not much will come of it this time either.” We have of course seen games from Stuttgart, the last games above all, against Leipzig, in Bremen and, of course, against Hanover.” They are better than in the round now.”

BVB last with communicative trainers

For years the public has been pampered by Coach-Entertainer Jurgen Klopp and analyst Thomas Tuchel. Peter Bosz and Peter Stoeger were also more entertaining than Favre.

Zorc sometimes answers. The first half of the Champions League duel with Tottenham Hotspur, when the English were overwhelmingly outnumbered, but no goal was reached, Zorc said, “the benchmark” against the VfB.” I expect that we will bring the same intensity to the place.”

As an addition, the 56-year-old even provided a makeup ring, referring to the so-called hairdresser affair the day before the example in London:”At some point the players must go to the hairdresser. If they don’t see anything, it’s not good either.”