Magnuses: Risk and danger turn me on

The introduction of Halo cockpit protection in formula 1 from the season 2018 continues to provide discussion. While traditionally conscious fans are not yet able to get along with the aesthetically challenging change, many drivers welcome the improvement in safety around the head. But there are also some who think that Halo is going a step too far. And one of them is Kevin Magnussen.

Risk and danger,”says the Haas pilot,”are elements that make me angry. This is an essential part of the drive from which I race. If you put your life at risk and risk everything to achieve a result, and then you really achieve that result –that is pure satisfaction!”

“I think we’re going too far with security,” he argues. Safety is already very good, has evolved enormously over the last thirty years. In the past, formula 1 was really too dangerous. I like formula one the way it is. We don’t need any more. And Halo just looks bad. This is no longer the formula 1.”

Magnussen:”Halo is simply not cool”

While speaking from the heart of many fans, Magnussen has teammates like Sebastian Vettel or Fernando Alonso against him. They say Halo may not be insanely beautiful, but it’s out of the question if it can save lives. Henry Surtees or Justin Wilson might not be dead if Halo had already existed.

“The subject of security is a difficult one. It is almost impossible to argue against security,”Magnussen knows, but says,”Halo is just not cool. It’s ugly. Formula one has to be cool. And a little dangerous, too. This is not a bad thing.”