Marko warns against Mercedes: Have some in mind

This was certainly the best test since the existence of Red Bull Racing”, Helmut Marko is pleased about the successful test runs of his racing stable in Bahrain. For Red Bull, the three days went pretty well. There were hardly any problems and Max was able to book the fastest lap in the end. For many, Red Bull is therefore a favorite at the season air raid next week. But not for Marko.

“We know Mercedes is the favorite,” says the motor sports consultant at’RTL’. The Austrian assumes that Mercedes has not yet shown everything and was on the road with much more fuel than Red Bull. And that is what he sees as a danger: “This shows that they must have a lot of self-confidence. So let’s assume that they still have a lot on their plate.”

But at least Marko can be satisfied when he looks at his own team.” It all worked right away,”he praises. 369-lap Red Bull was able to bounce off Sachir on the three days, while Mercedes and “the second Mercedes, the Aston Martin”, as Marko says, The final light in the mileage table formed and had some problems.

Mercedes W12 more nervous than the Red Bull

What the Austrian also noticed: The RB16B is much better on the road than the W12 of Mercedes, which looks “nervous” to him. Lewis Hamilton had immediately made several unusual turns for him and even dipped his boulders once in the gravel bed.” Compared to Mercedes, our car always seems quieter,”says Marko.

This makes it easier for drivers as well. But that was also the goal,”he says.”I’m sorry. Not that we’re slowing down the car to make it easier to control. We wanted a fast car, but it’s predictable. And I think I did a good job.”

Helmut Marko:”We are the first challenger”

In the recent past, the Red Bull has always been considered difficult to control. Max Verstappen managed to cope with this rather well, but his teammates Pierre Gasly and Alexander Albon had their problems. However, Marko denies that one had a car that was blocked by traffic jams: “Only traffic jams, no matter what the car was like, could always handle it optimally.” Others do not.

With new access Sergio Perez, Red Bull now hopes that one has found a driver who will be better able to cope. If the RB16B really is easier to drive, the task should also be easier for him than for his predecessors. At Red Bull, however, one assumes that the Mexican will be much closer to understanding.

The question is, what will Red Bulls “best test” at the end of the season be sufficient for?” Mercedes is the favourite, and we are the first challenger,”Marko judges. There’s gonna be a fight behind this. I believe that McLaren will rise a little, but not on the level of Mercedes and us.”

The truth will be revealed in Bahrain next week.