Master Lions: " Suddenly everything went mega fast"

The renewed championship in the HBL came at that time also a little surprising for the Rhine-Neckar Lions themselves.

“I can’t believe it yet at all,” said national player Patrick Groetzki after the 28:19-gala against THW Kiel. The lions thus created what they did not believe in a year ago: the successful title defense. Although there was nothing prepared for this at the SAP Arena in Mannheim, the Badens started a big sauce after that.

How overwhelmed the lions were by the title win, playmaker Andy Schmid made it clear. “The game was a great success.” Suddenly everything was going super fast. I also came to the hall by car and have no clothes at all for a party,”said the Swiss afterwards. The mood, however, did not stop at all. Long after the whistle, the lions celebrated with champagne bottles and huge beer glasses in the arena with their fans.

Master Maker Opening

The Mannheimer Fresh On Opening had to thank them for being allowed to cheer at all on Wednesday. For the EHF Cup winner had previously defeated the table second SG Flensburg Handewitt 31:27 and thus paved the way for the lions to win the title prematurely.” Please @RNLoewen! Celebrate well,”the Openers then tweeted. The five-point delay on the lions can no longer catch Flensburg in two games.

The bowls have not yet received the lions. This is to be recovered after the last game on June 10th against MT tracks. Instead, they tuned up beer glasses and champagne bottles. Trainer Nikolaj Jacobsen also received the mandatory beer shower. It was actually pretty cool. It is quite warm here in the hall,”said the Dane with an eye-wink.

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