Media: Bavaria draws purchase option, James wants to change

The countdown is underway: In a few weeks, FC Bavaria will have to decide whether to commit James Rodriguez to Real Madrid for 42 million euros. Now it looks as if the record master would use the contract clause and transfer the sum. Whether the Colombian wants to stay in Munich, on the other hand, is on a different page.

As the Spanish portal “Don Balon” wants to know, there has been a first meeting in Munich in recent days between the Colombian advisers and the club leaders of FC Bavaria. It was said that James spoke intensively about the sporting future.

During the talks the basis for a firm transfer of the 27-year-old was laid. Although the trend is towards a fixed transfer, James should not be particularly attracted to this idea.

The relationship between the South American and Coach Niko Kovac should be one of the reasons why James would rather try his luck at another club.

Is FC Bavaria throwing his plan on board?

According to “Don Balon”, a variant that FC Bavaria had originally ruled out is now an option again. This says that the Municipalities commit James to 42 million euros and sell him directly for profit. After all, the record master does not want a dissatisfied James in the box.

There should be no shortage of customers. Juventus Turin, Atletitico Madrid and FC Arsenal have been associated with three clubs with the Colombian in the last few days alone.

Currently the Colombian cannot intervene with the Bavarians for the time being anyway. An adductor injury forced James Rodriguez to stop training on Thursday. Coach Niko Kovac confirmed it. A bet against Werder Bremen on Saturday (15:30 clock) is therefore questionable.

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