Melter betrays: Change in summer was almost fixed

Marcel Schmelzer, the former national football player and current pro of the football league Borussia Dortmund, has told us what he wants to do after the end of his active career: The former BVB captain wants to start the training career. That’s what the defender of the federal league Borussia Dortmund said in the “kicker” interview and at the same time gave an interesting detail.

Last summer the 31-year-old was facing a change –also to get ready for the time after his career.

“It was all settled with a club from my side. the foreigner, who would also have allowed me to work as a trainer in a highly respected training complex “parallel to the training and gaming business,” said Schmelzer.

“This was at that time almost the most important point for me in the talks, because after my career I want to work in this area. It was a very exciting overall package and matched perfectly.”

But the BVB refused to release it. I had to accept that, even though I was very disappointed. Because even then, I had the feeling that I was not going to get much of a chance. And so it came.”

Melzer does not belong to the tribe formation of Coach Lucien Favre. This season the U21 European Champion has played for only a few minutes, even for injuries.