Mercedes apologizes for Bottas’testimony

Mercedes apologizes publicly for a comment by Valtteri Bottas is a rare occurrence. Due to an unfortunate comparison with the Coronavirus, however, the team was forced to do so after the Turkish Grand Prix.

In a disastrous race for him Bottas in Istanbul had not exceeded rank 14 and had blown his anger at the media.

From the Dutch TV station Ziggo Asked if he would like to delete this day from the calendar, the Finnish replied: “Today, yes, or perhaps the day, In the Chinese city, the Corona pandemic at the end of 2019 began.

Mercedes speaks to Chinese fans

The statement attracted some criticism, especially among Chinese fans. Mercedes made a public statement on the popular microblogging platform Sina Weibo to apologize for Bottas’comments.

“Dear Chinese fans”, it says there, “as we all know, sport makes us emotional, especially with the ups and downs, “Last Sunday Valtteri had a hard and disappointing race in which he lost the World Championship. He had no intention of insulting anyone immediately after the race in front of the TV cameras, and he certainly did not want to be disrespectful to China and the Chinese fans.”

“Still the Valttery we all know”

Mercedes also stresses:”He is still the Valttery we all know. He cares about every fan in China as much as we do, wishes each of you the best and that you stay safe in such a difficult time. And he has an obligation to present exciting races for all of you.

“We wish you a good week and look forward to the last common races of the season. Team China”, writes the Formula One team in conclusion.