Mercedes: Hamilton does not want to change style

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg may continue to drive freely against each other. Mercedes also renounces a Stallorder after the new collision in Spielberg, at least for the time being.

The rules of the game have been tightened up, however, in the future there will even be draconian punishments in the extreme case, if there is another force between the two teammates. Lewis Hamilton makes it clear, however, that he will not be left behind in any duels with Rosberg.

Is everything half as bad anyway? I do not know how many collisions we have had, but it is only a small proportion compared to the successful races in which we have celebrated double victories,”Hamilton explains and says,”When I sit in the meeting, I will say first:’I will not stop being a racer. “As Ayrton said:’If you don’t puncture a hole, you’re no longer a racer.'” Hamilton is referring to a legendary quote by Ayrton Senna, which the Brazilian once dropped in an interview with Jackie Stewart. Stewart then criticised Senna for having had more contact with other pilots than any other World Champion before him.

Wolff: “Collisions belong to this”

The Mercedes leadership also seems to be clear that it will not work completely without contact.” We must, of course, leave the church in the village. It’s formula one, and it’s entertainment. Collisions are part of it,”team leader Toto Wolff explains at”RTL”and adds:”We are simply concerned that the quota of three out of five races is a little too high. If we can reduce this, then we can also live with it.”

“The good thing is that they did not forbid us to drive against each other. It is still in our hands,”says Hamilton and Wolff, explaining that it is by no means a”Mission Impossible”for the British and Rosberg to drive clean against each other. Especially considering the abilities of these two, I assume that clean racing is possible and feasible,”Wolff gives himself optimistic.

Looking forward

Ohnehin seems to have had enough of the theme.”The Austrian seems to have had enough of the theme.” Much has been said about this, and I think that we should stop at this point and look forward. We believe that we have the best driver pairing in formula 1,”Wolff says, adding,”I think they have understood the message to a hundred percent. But in the end, they’re at the wheel. They drive the cars, and they have control.”

“The rivalry of the two is great,”Wolff knows. He also recalls that Mercedes has done a great job overall in recent years.” We won eight out of nine races this season. We have won two World Championships in the last two years. Nobody’s talking about boring races. There are stories and headlines. The team spirit is great,”he praises his team.