Mercedes has opened an account with Belgium

In the last two years Mercedes-Pilot Lewis Hamilton had to give himself a Ferrari at the Belgian Grand Prix in Spa: 2018 it was Sebastian Vettel, 2019 Charles Leclerc. The two years before Mercedes was victorious again, once with Hamilton and once with Nico Rosberg.

Just because they have not won since 2017 in the spa, it feels like we still have a score to settle for Mercedes team leader Toto Wolff”. The Austrian knows: “Spa is a traditional route that is one of the favorite courses of the fans. However, due to the variety of characteristics, it is not easy to find the right set-up there.”

“On the one hand you want as little air resistance as possible on the long lines, On the other hand, you need a certain level of drift to be fast in the curves. The weather forecast also speaks of rain in the Ardennes, which does not make the task any easier.”

Nevertheless, the World Championship team depicts the sixth victory in the seventh season race. Until now, all you had to do was give yourself up in Silverstone 2. That’s where Max won the Red Bull. But Mercedes learned from it: “Spain was the best example of the mentality of our team,” says Wolff.

“We have analysed our problems after Silverstone and tried to draw the right conclusions within a few days. Many people worked tirelessly for us to be able to drive a better race in Barcelona, and our strong performance on Sunday was the result of this bet.”

The victory in Spain, where Hamilton came to the goal before the blackouts and Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas, had been “a fantastic reward for all the clever work in the days before,” says Wolff. It makes me very proud to see the team set the bar higher and higher.”