New lockdown? DHB President requests financial assistance

President Andreas Michelmann of the German Handball Association (DHB) has put in place further financial assistance in the event that the number of spectators in sport should remain low in the long term.

“In the event that there is a real stagnation of spectators or a complete exclusion, politics is obliged to: serious thought about making up for it financially,”he said at a virtual panel discussion on Wednesday.

Otherwise Michelmann, who also speaks for the Alliance of Team Sports Germany, “Otherwise, the survival of professional clubs is certainly not possible. The Federal Government had already agreed on a 200-million euro-heavy stimulus package in the summer, and it is now time for you to see how you do. However, from which only a small fraction has been requested up to now.

Basically, clubs in need such as handball, basketball or hockey 800.000 euros per club have been awarded, so far the disbursement has often failed due to, among other things, complicated regulations. Johannes Steiniger, CDU politician and member of the Sports Committee in the Bundestag, therefore wants to improve at that point and also make the funds available 2021.” We need to review and revise this so that we do not experience a wave of insolvency,”he said.

SPD politician and JuSo chairman Kevin Kuhnert, meanwhile, gave the sport little hope of full halls and stadiums in the near future.” Nothing could be more stupid than to have discussions about higher ratings in some halls,”he said,”The effect will be the opposite. It comes back like a boomerang. We will rather have closure of social life.”

Currently a 20-percent visitor utilization of sports facilities is allowed, provided the local infectious events allow.

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