New look: This is how the Formula-1 bolts of the future look

Liberty Media released the first concept drawings for new Formula One cars from season 2021 on Friday. The models developed in collaboration with the FIA and the teams are intended to show bolts that allow better racing and also show a corresponding look,”a press release says. The goal was to design cars that can “drive and overtake more easily in a row” and fit as a poster motive in children’s rooms.

Formula One sports boss Ross Brawn is pleased: “I don’t see any reason why we can’t build great-looking cars,” he says. “I don’t see any reason why we can’t build great-looking cars.” It annoys me when a car looks better in a computer game than the one we let drive on the track.”Nevertheless, it is the highest maxim to ensure a technical regulation, The problem: Formula 1 is characterized by extreme designs and does not, of course, rely on unity as a designer championship. Therefore Liberty Media and the FIA used other series with a demonstrable entertainment value, such as formula 2, only as a role model. If anything, the North American IndyCar series gave impetus. An exchange apparently took place.

Nevertheless: The design was trump with the concepts now presented. It is the first time that formula 1 has given priority to this aspect,”Brawn describes a turning point in politics behind the scenes, which under Bernie Ecclestone had other priorities.” We want cars that inspire. The formula 1 is the royal class, their cars should look sensational.”

“The 18-inch wheels look much better”

Three models have emerged, which combine a more aggressive silhouette and a more concise and aggressive appearance, along with the well-planned 18-inch wheels and aerodynamic adaptations to facilitate overtaking. Concept one starts at the halo and shows an approach where the head restraint is more integrated into the overall design.

Concept two builds on it. It is supplemented by wheel suspension covers as well as wind repellents (“shark fins”) at the halo and at the bottom.” It seems more extreme,”says Brawn. The 18-inch wheels look much better, but we also want them for technical reasons.”

The third concept resembles the most powerful of the current cars, but has chassis parts to calm the air flow around the wheels –a key on the less”Dirty Air”, so air distortions in the surroundings of the vehicle that make it impossible to drive back.

Each team has the models

Liberty Media’s goal is to have a framework for the season 2021 end of next year.” We want the interested parties to stand in line to engage in formula 1,”Brawn says. It was encouraging that there were a number of candidates when Force India got into financial difficulties. When I think back to Manor a few years ago, the team couldn’t be sold. Confidence in formula 1 must have increased since then.”

The teams are now involved in the development. The three different concepts are already being tested by them in their wind ducts, for which additional working hours were allowed.” All the teams have models that we built. They look at them and inform us,”Brawn says. You want to pull together on the way to the new formula 1.