Not lost yet! Fighting Ferrari boss

Despite the bitter breakdown at Sebastian Vettel at the Japan Grand Prix, Ferrari President Sergio Marchionne has not yet beaten himself. The Formula One season is not lost for Ferrari. We got four more races to catch up on. In all humility, I say our car has made tremendous progress. Without wishing to sound arrogant: I think Ferrari is on the same level, or perhaps even better than Mercedes,”said Marchionne at a celebration on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Ferrari.

Vettel had left the race in Suzuka on Sunday because of a lighter that was not sitting properly in the beginning phase. Lewis Hamilton won the championship and can win the championship at the next Texas race.” It really annoys that a part that costs 59 euros affects the race of a car worth millions,”said Marchionne.

He described the problem with the lighter as”technical nonsense”. Ferrari would, however, have to increase its efforts for the quality of the component in formula 1. The important thing is not to lose the trust that has led us to this point. A year ago, no one would have thought Ferrari would reach this position. I have great confidence that we will narrow the gap with Mercedes in the next four races,”said the Ferrari boss.