Not well: Red Bull with construction sites

After a good start in the home game in Austria for Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull had to take several setbacks in the second Free Training for the Austrian Grand Prix 2017. Technical problems tie both vehicles to the box for a long time. The second session did not go well at all,”summarized Red Bull motor sports director Helmut Marko.

In Friday’s final classification, the positions four and five were recorded. This does not seem unusual at first glance, yet there are concerns. The Dutch man could not drive at all due to a defect in the braking system in the first thirty minutes, later he demolished the floor during wild rides in the last two turns. Ricciardo had to fit after 27 laps because the MGU-H was striking in the rear of the car.

Under these conditions Red Bull could not skip the entire planned program. In the second pass, both pilots remained on all stints on the Ultrasoft mix. Ricciardo indicated before his defect that in qualifying one can realize several rounds on a high level. The Mercedes and Ferrari levels are unlikely to be reached. I think we will look good in the race track, but rather less so in qualifying,”says team leader Christian Horner.

Drivers feel good competitiveness

How good the Red Bull-Renault RB13 can actually be over the distance was hardly clear. Although Verstappen completed a stint over 15 laps at a fairly constant level in the area of 1:10,1 minutes, the competition was faster. It is difficult to measure how many tens of thousands of customers the floor already damaged at that time. The truth will only come to light in the next two days.

“The temperature in the rear tyres is too high too fast. And they don’t recover after that. For the ultrasound, we need to make some changes regarding the set-up. It looks like there’s more flu than last year. In the event of a high output, the tyres will be demanded accordingly more,”explains Marko another construction site. In addition, when playing at home, one suffers from the still weaker Renault aggregate: “It goes up the mountain here after a peak turn. Only one trick helps: PS!”

I understand that Friday was “a very good day” despite the small difficulties. We still have to work, however, because the balance is not quite right. But we are not too far away,”says the Dutch. Team colleague Ricciardo agrees: “We seem to be relatively competitive. The first five cars are within only four tenth customers. If that is the case tomorrow, then we can all look forward to a great show. But in qualifying, Mercedes can certainly turn on again.”