Old Rabbit Hamilton doesn’t want to know about the curfew.

2019 Lewis Hamilton experienced one of his most dominant Formula One seasons. Eleven victories, four second and two third places, the Mercedes pilot was able to win in 21 races. He only missed the podium four times. But the young savages, including Max Verstappen (Red Bull) and Charles Leclerc (Ferrari), let it stop one time or another.

Both of them had two victories this season. Hiding was on the stairs nine times, five times together with Hamilton. Leclerc even booked ten podiums, sharing the podium eight times with the World Champion. Recently, Hamilton, Verstpen and Leclerc completed the podium together at the season finale.

Many believe that we will see this image more often in the future. Hamilton himself doesn’t want to know about a security breach yet. I’m still young,”he comments, for example, on the age difference between Verstappen and Leclerc. In January the Brit celebrates his 35th birthday, the two young stars are almost 22-year-old.

Currently separated him and the new generation of drivers twelve years. But Hamilton admits, “It is inevitable that the Youngsters will rise. There is often a wave of young talents that manage to find their way into formula 1. I think formula 1 has a lot of potential and it really is the future of sport.”

Under pressure it did not put him as an”old rabbit”but says Hamilton.”It is the future of sport.” Although I’m a little older than she is, I’m lucky I still feel like I can take it up with these guys. That is why I look forward to fighting them even harder in the future. If we bring the teams closer together, there will be great battles.”