Pancake style: “Slept in my lucky shirt”

At his 33. For the first time in the West of Germany, World Champion Lutz Panannenstiel has landed in professional football.

Touching fears, he also does not know here: “I think I will manage well with the mentality of the Rhineland”, Fortuna Dusseldorf’s new sports director said, and was visibly pleased with his new assignment after the change “from the quiet Hoffenheim to the world city”.

For fans of the football league the 45-year-old, who played as gatekeeper on all continents, then immediately brought a heartwarming anecdote.” I was not a hardcore-Fortuna fan when I was a kid, but I still slept in the Fortuna jersey,”he said smiling. The background: The Fortuna icon Sepp Weikl, which played from 1976 to 1988 for Dusseldorf, comes from ground corn pans in the Bavarian Forest. And he was friends with my father.”

Conversely, the reception of pans was apparently judged somewhat differently. In the performance, Supervisory Board Chairman Reinhold Ernst spoke proudly of “a nice and good day for the Fortuna”. That is why Pfannenstiel also received a three-year contract: “This is the maximum duration for us for a board.”

Whether Coach Friedhelm Funkel is happy about the personnel decision can be speculated. Already after the announcement, the oldest Bundesliga coach had explained: “He is one of the very few in the football business that I do not know at all.” On Monday, the 65-year-old answered the question of what expectations he had of the new sports board: “None. It was “also with Lutz, who will certainly have many contacts and will try a lot to get things moving”.

“For me Lutz Panannenstiel was not a new country”

It could therefore be understood as a replica on sparks, When the so far voluntary sports director Erich Rutemoliler began his statement laughing with the words: “For me, Lutz Panannenstiel was not a new country.” On the question of whether Panannenstiel will sit on the bench or stand in the future, Funkel said after a first “very pleasant conversation”: “We will discuss this in private.” Here too, at least, different views are indicated. I will discuss with Mr. Funkel where I am going to hang out,”Panannenstiel explained.

The two agree on the possibility of new entrances in winter. The need is there, as well as a certain budget item “in the Fortuna framework” (CEO Robert Schafer). But you will only buy players who are undoubtedly reinforcements.” If that is not possible, we will do nothing,”said Sparkel. Also the new Sports Board assured: “We will not make panic or alibi purchases.” To oblige players from Hoffenheim, where he was last employed as “Head of International Relations”, according to Pfannenstiel was a definite option. At the moment, it is not planned that the post will be re-filled in this form,”TSG Managing Director Peter Gorlich said in an interview with the”Heilbronn Voice”. Panannenstiel had been active as “Head of International Relations” for the Hoffenheimer until his change to Fortuna.