Pascal Wehrlein feels with Kvyat

The degradation of the former Red Bull driver Daniil Kvyat into the Toro-Rosso team continues to warm up the emotions in formula 1. One who can understand Kvyat situation only too well is Manor-Youngster Pascal Wehrlein.

No wonder: The young German and the Russian have a similar career background. Both are promoted and protected by big brands, but also feel the pressure and have to deliver. While at Kvyat the Red Bull bosses now (for the time being) pulled the plug, Wehrlein can continue to be sure of Mercedes’support.

Fortunately, as the manor pilot admits unequivocally. Referring to the degradation of Kwjat, he says: I would have to fight with it.”The German cannot fully understand the reasoning of Red Bulls that the transfer was intended to relieve the pressure of the young Russian:”You can always tell the press the one thing. What is really the reason behind it is perhaps another one,”says Wehrlein.

“This has always been the philosophy of Red Bull”

“Maybe he did not handle the pressure in the first four races so well. Still, he got a podium in China. That is why I cannot fully understand it,”the 21-year-old party takes for its colleagues. On the other hand, the Rookie also knows that in Red Bull and in Formula 1 in general, only performance counts.” It’s always been Red Bull philosophy. On the other hand, I think it’s quite good, because now all four drivers of Red Bull and Toro Rosso can be compared to each other.

Wehrlein now hopes that Kvyat will survive the sentence unharmed.” When you’re at Red Bull, you want to go to Red Bull. If you’re put on the B-team after four races, that’s not good for a young driver. He knows that he must now show performance, otherwise it is not possible to predict what will happen to him at the end of the season.”

“Don’t fall so deep”

Nevertheless, the 22-year-old should not be submerged now, after all Toro Rosso is still a good opportunity, says Wehrlein.” With Toro Rosso, he doesn’t fall that deep. They’re very competitive this year. Maybe not as strong as Red Bull, but on some lines Toro Rosso was much better than Red Bull last year. That’s why it’s not too bad from the placement point of view,”the German encourages his Russian driver colleague.

The manor pilot and last year’s DTM champion is a cog in Mercedes and is affectionately called”little prince”by the team leader of the silver team, Toto Wolff. We would not support him so much if we did not expect him to one day sit in the silver arrow,”says the Austrian. But Wehrlein must meet the expectations of his supporters. Otherwise, he faces a similar fate to the last Kwjat…

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