Pentagonal debt to Hullkenberg DRS Panne

The cause of Nico Hilkenberg’s DRS defect at the Japan Grand Prix on Sunday was quickly found. The fact that the retractable rear wing of his Renault clamped, remained open and did not react to a relieved gas pedal or to a brake pedal operated had a simple reason.

A metal disc was broken. That’s why the hydraulic mechanism stopped working. It was blocked,”explains Hullkenberg””.

Of course, it did little to help the mechanics get on the rear wing at his emergency stop to get him back in the starting position. It would have been inconceivable to continue without a successful repair, says Hullkenberg and describes the feeling at the steering wheel: “It happened before the first curve. It felt crazy to be back in the next corner. I thought, “This is delicate!” But at first the German only guessed why the drift had flown.

A few seconds later he had certainty: “I have seen in the mirror and noticed that it is open,” said Hilkenberg over the tail wing. “I have seen it in the mirror and noticed that it is open.” There was no doubt. In the first sector, it was not good, to be honest, even a little frightening.”It was a pity that the World Cup points were left behind, because Hullkenberg was on course eight”at least.” The race went well,”he says,”at least until he stuck to Romain Grosjeans’tail and said goodbye to the DRS.

“Once again a weakness became visible”

After losing another good result at the Monaco Grand Prix due to a technical failure, Hullkenberg insists on improving Renault’s reliability.” Absolutely, we are not in a great position there,”he emphasises.”No, we are not.” The car is often not good in terms of strength and, of course, not when it comes to performance. However, it is part of the development that the French are going through: “Once again a weakness has become visible.”