Pizarro threatens bitter career ending

Claudio Pizarro did not lose the fun even in the current serious situation at Werder Bremen.

Before the game against his former club FC Bavaria Munich laughed and feigned the Peruvians a week ago at the warm-up with his teammates, As if the Greens were somewhere in the middle field and not just before the first drop out of the Bundesliga in 40 years.

Pizarro is just Pizarro. Almost always in a good mood to have fun for everyone.” An absolute man-catcher, as his former Bremen coach Thomas Schaaf said in the “NDR” documentation “Claudio Pizarro: Anything but usual.”

His departure from the big football stage had, of course, been completely different from what the foreign pro had imagined with most of the bets in the Bundesliga. In fact, on Saturday, the Bremer Weserstadion planned a noisy party.

In front of a full house the 41-year-old wanted to be in his then 490’s. If possible with the entry into the European Cup.

Werder Bremen needs a miracle

But now great sadness threatens in the stadium on Easter Island, which Pizarro himself calls his “living room.” And because of the Corona crisis, even without an audience. It would be the bitterest of all possible endings to an extraordinary career.

“Of course Claudio deserved something different,” said Werder-Coach Florian Kohfeldt a few weeks ago. Kohfeldt was one of the reasons why Pizarro switched to Weser a fifth time two years ago.

Many experts thought the transfer was a PR stunt at the time, but Pizarro with his goals underlined once again his value for the Green-White. Whenever the stormer was ready to switch sides, a raid went through the Weserstadion. Pizarro scored five more hits and felt so good that he hung on to another game time.

Pizarro comeback an error?

In retrospect, perhaps a mistake. Pizarro no longer played a role in this season that was so bad for Bremen. Again and again, the public loved one was thrown back by injuries.

Last but not least, he had to go into house quarantine for fourteen days because his daughter had tested positive for Corona. A moment in which even the always cheerful pizzarro stopped laughing for a moment.” This was not an easy time,”he admitted.

Pizarro had reason to enjoy most of his career. Six German championships, six trophies, and as the crowning 2013 with Bavaria Munich, the Champions League- Pizarro looks back on a career that few people would have trusted him with than the then Bremen Managing Director Jurgen L. Born 1999 for then 1, Six million Mark from Alianza Lima brought to Weser.

Together with the Brazilian Ailton he formed a dream storm duo and played in the hearts of Bremen fans. After two years with 29 Gates he moved to FC Bavaria in Munich, which became his second home in the following years.

Today his family still lives on the Isar, after the end of his career Munich is to become the center of the Pizarros. A role as Bavarian brand ambassador is very likely.

In Bremen they will always be unforgettable

But also in Bremen they will be Pizarro, who also remains for FC Chelsea and the 1. FC Cologne played, never forgotten.

Supervisory Board Boat Marco Bode described the Peruvian as “a work of art.” The Bremer fans will always carry it in their hearts.”Pizarro, 197th time in the Bundesliga, is a success in not being able to say goodbye to his supporters at the stadium. But if Corona ever survives, there will surely be a rousing farewell event.

And perhaps the game on Saturday will not be his last. Pizarro’s meeting for us in the’90s. Minute to victory and Dusseldorf loses at Union Berlin,”said Bremens, longtime manager Willi Lemke recently. Then Werder would have saved himself in the release and Pizarro would have finally earned a monument on Easter Day.