Podolski protects fish in gold steak disgust

Football pro Lukas Podolski considers the hype of the so-called gold steak affair of Franck Ribbey to be overgrown.

“Everyone should live his life the way he thinks it is right. Whether he gets something to eat, buys a car or changes to what club he goes to

“I don’t care”, said the 33-year-old former national player in Gummersbach.

“I have the same opinion about steak. Whether the steak is golden or silver or bronze, I don’t really give a shit. I don’t think it makes him any different if he’s a gold steak or a donor.”

Podolski finds Ribbery’s action, which in part caused great indignation with his social media post the previous week,”not so dramatic”. But also the reactions on the Internet and the media coverage were exaggerated.

“This is extreme in Germany. If I eat a donut as Lukas Podolski now, they’ll say, “Bow, what a great guy!” And the next day, when I put a golden steak in my mouth, it says, “What kind of asshole is that?”

That the Frenchman then insulted his critics badly on the net, the offensive player of Vissel Kobe does not think well: “In retrospect he also knows that he may have reacted there too early or too fast.”